Spring-Cleaning Your Online Presence

April 13 2017

Spring-cleaning isn't just for your home, office or garden. If you've established a strong online presence, spring is also a great time to spruce up your website and social media profiles.

Your Website
Your home page makes the first impression, so it's a good place to start. Are menus and links operational? Are images up to date and opening properly?

Next, check every page: About Us, Contact Information, Team Members, Services, etc. Is your branding consistent from page to page? Is information still accurate or should it be updated or even removed altogether? Is your content easily read and understood? Are social media links working?

Current Social Media Profiles
Are your social media profiles branded consistently with each other and your website? When you use the same colors, images, logos, headshots and themes across channels, you establish a sense of familiarity for visitors and followers, which can help build trust.

Make sure bios, contact information and descriptions are accurate. You may also want to glance at the pages and accounts you've liked or followed and reassess their value to your network and how they fit in with your brand's image.

If you're considering dropping a social media platform, think it over carefully. It may be worth it to keep your existing content. You might just want to write an exit post to let visitors know you're no longer active on this network and provide links to your current social media whereabouts.

New Social Media Options
Consider new platforms you might want to experiment with or older platforms you haven't tried yet. For example, if you're not using Twitter, it can be a great place to network with clients and industry thought leaders. And consider using the latest features on existing platforms, such as livestreaming video.