Keep Up With the Latest in Luxury Trends

June 15 2017

Are you on top of the latest trends in luxury living? Share what's new in modern home decor designs with your clients and help inspire their next interior update.

1. Go green. This year, it's all about bringing the outdoors in with a more natural palette and organic decor that uses sustainable materials. But eco-friendly luxury homes aren't the only green trend. Pantone has declared Greenery the color of 2017. Other earthy shades to look out for include Kale and Hazelnut. And don't overlook the rustic charm of a terra-cotta or cork wall or a tile floor.

2. Create texture. Mingling unusual design pairings can create texture and personalize a space. For example, unfinished woods, linen upholstery and faux fur may not be the first thing you think of, but they can combine to make quite a decorative impact.

3. Mix metals. Pairings such as brass and chrome or silver and polished nickel can add flare and depth to a room. It's easy to do in the kitchen where there are various metal accents, such as cabinet handles, faucets and other hardware. But the same effect can be had in other rooms using anything from hanging lamps to metal vases.

4. Consider aesthetics.These days, a chair isn't just a chair. Comfort is giving way to artistic value, so choosing the right conversation piece, whether it be a textured sofa or a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity, can increase the luxuriousness of a space.

5. Get minimal. Sometimes less can be more. Modern minimalism, which often includes camouflaged solutions, is all the rage. A decorative pillar or archway can double as a hidden pantry, closet or wet bar. It's the perfect combination of functionality and design.