Do you need to elevate your listing presentation?

July 26 2018

These days, prospective clients expect an eye-catching presentation deck and a CMA at a listing presentation. To stand out from the competition, you need to find creative ways to break the status quo. Here are three strategies to consider.

1. Don't offer an immediate valuation. Pricing will be first and foremost in the client's mind, but an educated guess based on preliminary research is just that -- a guess. Explain that it's essential to weigh the unique aspects of the property to maximize its potential value since the market will ultimately determine the best listing price.

2. Get to know the property (and the client). Before giving your listing presentation, ask for a tour of the home. Emphasize the need to pinpoint the home's best features as well as the potential issues since both can affect buyer perception about the value. Take notes and discuss as you go. Ask pertinent questions about the seller's expectations or concerns and share relevant anecdotes (especially about satisfied clients) and offer possible solutions where necessary. 

3. Ask for the close, and set a deadline. Sometimes getting a signature on a listing agreement is as simple as asking for one, but not every client will be ready to commit. Be understanding, but don't be afraid to set a deadline for the decision. Let the seller know that you limit your availability so you can better serve each client. This not only shows your dedication but also creates a sense of urgency about procuring your services.

These techniques will help you stand out from the crowd, but you'll still want to come prepared with a personalized listing presentation that highlights your unique marketing plan and services, and emphasizes transparency and professionalism.

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