Leads don't convert overnight

May 31 2018

It's no secret that follow-up is crucial when it comes to converting leads into clients with signed service agreements. The quicker you respond to a prospect, the better your chances of success. Following up with leads quickly -- and with a natural flow to the conversation -- helps to eliminate the competition, establishes you as a trusted real estate expert and puts you in the driver's seat for the long haul.

Here are four tips for following up with leads:

Lead conversion can be a long-term endeavor.
A failed attempt at follow-up can be discouraging, but only 2 percent of sales are made on the first contact, while 80 percent of conversions occur between the fifth and 12th contact. No matter how busy you are, persistent follow-up is the key to successful lead conversion.

It helps to streamline the process.
Leads should be collected in a central location, such as a CRM system that can track data and automate aspects of the follow-up process. Every piece of relevant data -- notes from calls, texts, emails and website interactions -- should be logged. This information will provide valuable insight later on.

Follow-ups should be multifaceted.
Use autoresponders to immediately email leads who fill out a form. Face-to-face leads, such as those met at networking events, should receive a call or text within 12 to 24 hours of meeting. Use the call to glean insight and develop rapport. Follow up the call with an email recap, including any relevant information that will provide immediate value.

Make it personal and beneficial.
Your initial contact will set the tone and provide a foundation for subsequent touches, giving you something to follow up on: the previous conversation and material you've shared. While autoresponders are a great tool, they should always be supplemented with personal touches. Phone calls, meetings and handwritten cards help nurture trust and familiarity to gently guide the lead towards conversion without seeming pushy. 

Focus on value and relationship building with your follow-ups, and you'll soon see an increase in lead conversion.