Do you need a professional photographer?

March 29 2018

Technology has changed the way the real estate game is played. Over 90 percent of buyers now start their home search online, relying heavily on photos — and their expectations are higher than ever. If your photos don't make a good first impression, your properties will likely get overlooked.

Why You Need a Professional Photographer

Redfin found that homes marketed with professional photography sold up to three weeks faster than those with DIY photos. These homes also commanded a selling premium of up to $11,000 and were more likely to sell at or above the list price. Who wouldn't want to sell faster and for more money?

What a Pro Brings to the Table

Hiring a pro gets you more than a good camera. You'll get experience, technique and an artistic eye. A professional will find creative, eye-catching ways to put the property's best features in context and give the viewer a feel for the overall layout of the home.

A seasoned photographer will also be able to effectively utilize both a flash and natural light to fully capture elaborate architecture and landscaping. This is especially important when dealing with luxury real estate and sprawling properties.

What to Look for When Choosing a Photographer

Your photographer will be an extension of your brand, so you want someone who:

  • Shows up on time and treats your clients with respect
  • Keeps up with the latest techniques and technology
  • Provides a high-quality product and a fast turnaround

If you're unsure of where to start, consult your professional network. You can also check with your local Realtor association for affiliated photographers. Above all, do your homework to ensure that you hire a photographer with real estate experience.