Are you leading the green housing movement?

November 29 2018

Seventy-one percent of agents and brokers consider energy-efficient promotions in listings to be valuable, according to the NAR Realtors and Sustainability 2018 Report. Additionally, 61 percent said that homebuyers are interested in sustainability.

Solar energy seems to be generating the most interest, with 80 percent of real estate professionals reporting solar panels available in their market. Another 39 percent reported that solar panels increased the perceived value of the property. But of course, energy-efficient homes are about more than value perception.

Energy-efficient homes provide financial, health and tax benefits.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification ensures that homebuyers will pay less in electricity, emit fewer carbon emissions and enjoy an all-around healthier living environment. So far, LEED has provided green building certification to more than 150,000 homes globally. 

Special incentives and financing may be available to LEED-certified and energy-efficient homes. Tax credits, rebates and savings programs can often offset the costs of adding energy-efficient upgrades to existing properties. Some buyers may even qualify for energy-efficient mortgages depending on the homes they are considering. 

Agents and brokers lead the conversation about sustainability.

Consumers are making it clear that the environment is a key concern when choosing property locations and home features. Many homebuilders are responding to this demand through various green certifications and homebuilding practices that have energy efficiency in mind. But only 40 percent of agents feel confident connecting clients to lenders who can provide products that encourage energy-efficient improvements to existing homes. 

Moving forward, agents must close the gap by promoting environmentally conscious strategies and green building best practices that will benefit both their clients and communities. It’s what clients want, and it’s good for the environment -- a true win-win situation.

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