7 Elements of an Effective Email Newsletter

October 12 2016

No matter how good your email newsletter is today, it can always be better. Here's a look at seven elements that impact the effectiveness of your newsletters.

1. Subject Lines -- Did you know that about a third of email recipients say an email's subject line is the determining factor on whether or not they'll open it? And length matters; subject lines with no more than 30 characters have above-average open rates.

2. Valuable Content -- Don't think of your email newsletter as a sales tool. Focus on relevant, industry-adjacent content. Use bold text, bullets and subheadings for easy skimming, and keep it concise. Constant Contact found that roughly 20 lines of text produce the highest click-through rates.

3. CTA Buttons -- Every newsletter should build to a relevant call to action (CTA). While your content can include embedded links in the text, CTA buttons should stand out. Make them obviously clickable by using a contrasting color surrounded by plenty of white space.

4. Social Sharing Buttons -- When sharing is just a click away, recipients are more likely to spread the word. Maybe that's why social sharing buttons in emails boost click-through rates by 158 percent.

5. Branded Email Templates -- Save time and showcase your brand by setting up email templates with your company logo and contact information. Then all you have to do is fill in the new information.

6. Mobile-Friendly Design -- In 2015, 68 percent of emails were opened on mobile devices. Going mobile isn't something you should put off; look into mobile-responsive templates today. Your audience will thank you.

7. Routine Schedule -- Subscribers want to hear from you, but if your newsletters are few and far between, they could forget who you are. Stick to a schedule so your readers know when to expect you.