5 Novel Ideas for Closing Gifts

July 13 2017

Closing gifts are a long-standing tradition and an excellent way to show your clients you care. Not only that, but a well-chosen closing gift can keep you top of mind for many years to come. Need ideas? Here's a list of five novel gifts that will make your clients feel special.

1. Personalized gifts -- This could be an embroidered pillow, a commissioned painting of their new home or a handmade sign featuring their last name. For an added touch, include the date they became homeowners.

2. Subscription services -- Are your clients wine connoisseurs? Sign them up for a wine of the month club. If beer's more to their taste, those subscriptions are available, too. Chocolates, fruit and flowers are other thoughtful options.

3. A tree for the yard -- Planting a tree is a nice way to commemorate the purchase of a new home, as the owners can watch it grow along with their new household. You may want to run this by clients before making a purchase, though, just to make sure they're into the idea.

4. Smart home technology -- Who doesn't love smart technology? A smart thermostat makes a great closing gift. It programs itself and adapts to user preferences automatically.

5. Local entertainment -- Is your client a sports fan? Consider season tickets for the local sports team. Do your clients have children? Tickets to a local attraction, such as an amusement park, museum or water park, could be a wonderful surprise.

Remember, if you want to stay top of mind, select your closing gift with the client in mind. And avoid branded gifts that make it about you. If your gift is a good one, the client will not only remember who the gift was from but also tell friends and family.