3 Real Estate Stories You Won't Believe

August 17 2017

Work in real estate long enough and you're bound to come across an odd listing or two. But some listings are accompanied by stories that are downright stranger than fiction.

$1 Church Gets Makeover, Listed as $469,000 Home in Oakdale, California
The city of Oakdale wanted to build a parking lot, but there was a problem: An abandoned church originally built in 1893 was in the way. Local Realtor Denise Cash was astonished to find she could acquire the structure for a single dollar -- if she could relocate it.

Over $40,000 and five blocks later, Cash was ready to renovate. Using original materials wherever possible, she turned the church into a 2,500-square-foot home and listed it for $469,000.

Woman Refuses to Vacate Her Treehouse in North Miami, Florida
Shawnee Chasser has spent the last 25 years of her life living in treehouses. Her current treetop abode is somewhat of a local landmark, but that hasn't stopped Miami-Dade County from trying to cut it down.

While Chasser lives comfortably with her two cats, two dogs and two raccoons, the county insists her home isn't up to safety codes. As of July 2017, Chasser is raising funds to cover demolition and rebuild costs, and she's hopeful she can stay in her treehouse.

The Horror House in Avon, Connecticut
Created by artist Nikolay Synkov, this five-bedroom suburban home has earned the title of "Horror House" for its unorthodox decor, including blood-like paint and unexpected faces. The property, which served as the headquarters for Synkov's Fermata Arts Foundation, was listed at $339,900 and earned criticism as "the worst real estate listing you will ever see" before going off the market.