3 Facebook Changes That Can Up Your Marketing Game

March 16 2017

Facebook may be one of the earliest social media networks, but it still draws the largest number of users. Why? Because it continues to evolve. Take a look at where Facebook is headed in 2017, and see why these innovations matter to real estate agents.

1. Advertising is back in style.
Remember when ads were out and organic reach was in? Well, Facebook's algorithm updates made organic reach a near impossibility, at least initially. If you want your content to be seen, it needs to be shared. But how can your content be shared if it isn't seen? Don't fret; this catch-22 has a solution -- Facebook Ads and boosted posts. Not only are these methods affordable, targeted and easy to use, but they're also ideal for increasing visibility and expanding your reach.

2. Facebook Live is only getting bigger.
If you thought Facebook Live had reached its full potential, think again. Facebook intends to take the feature even further with a marketing push aimed at the more casual user. Plus, Facebook Live is perfectly suited for real estate. You can live-stream community events, hold a virtual open house or report on the latest local real estate news.

3. Facebook Marketplace offers new opportunities.
While Facebook Marketplace was designed with an eye toward competing with sites such as eBay and Craigslist, real estate agents can make great use of the feature. Thanks to the housing category, you can now create formal property listings and tap into Facebook's built-in audience for added exposure and sharing opportunities.